Understanding Shezhea_NET

A) Shezhea_NET operates as a for-profit for institutional clients.

B) Shezhea_NET operates as a research academia circle regarding merging HFT strategies with Machine Learning If you observe the past years of AI development, GPT 3, GPT 4 and now the upcoming GPT 5, you can see the disruptiveness of the sector. Human everyday life is increasingly being determined by AI. The first occupational fields are being replaced by AI, and some occupational fields are losing much of their importance because "AI can now do the same thing". Exactly this development is taking place, albeit belatedly, in the financial sector. More and more funds are switching to AI-powered analyses. Humans as analysts are less and less in demand. The high margin of error of a human due to personal influences and confirmation bias is too costly for maximum hedge fund efficiency. How much money have hedge funds lost in the past years because of arrogance, fear, and greed? The perfect example of the outdated culture within the financial sector is the Gamestop disaster from the perspective of hedge funds trapped in short positions. This catastrophe could have been prevented for most hedge funds with a simple unemotional analysis that would have assessed exactly this scenario as plausible and the risk as too high compared to the possible reward. Historically, millions of examples can be used here where humans have failed catastrophically in the financial sector, a sector full of unemotional mathematics and risk and reward. It is time to replace the human being. He is too emotional and thus unsuitable for profitable investing.

We now live in a data-rich world full of diverse perspectives. Platforms like X (formerly Twitter) exemplify the "swarm intelligence" of public opinion. This digital ecosystem offers an ideal environment for AI. Social narratives from platforms like X can be analyzed alongside quantitative data like financial reports and on-chain analytics. An AI system can rapidly synthesize perspectives from social media, expert analysts, quarterly earnings, annual 10Ks, technical indicators, macroeconomic trends, and more. It can objectively weigh risks and rewards with no emotional bias. This is the promise of Micro AI.

Shezhea_NET is at the heart of the AI-powered financial sector, aiming to leverage the revenue of hedge-funds, build an efficient market and outperform the human competition.

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