Why start with Blockchain?

Why we started in the Blockchain sector and not in Traditional Finance

This Litepaper is published at a time when Shezhea_NET operates purely within the blockchain space. Thus this litepaper starts with everything surrounding Shezhea_NET in Blockchain.

The Ethereum blockchain is a transparent platform where every transaction is publicly visible. This feature makes it a practical platform for neural networks to train on. The blockchain offers a vast amount of data points that can be used to train and build a neural network. By analyzing the flow of funds, smart contracts, and tokens, you can easily track any transaction that takes place on the Ethereum blockchain.

Platforms like Arkham or FriendTech have enabled the de-anonymizing of on-chain platforms, allowing for the identification of some anonymous Ethereum addresses. This has created a semi-anonymous financial transaction network that moves capital in waves in different directions. Despite the potential anonymity of addresses, the transparency of the Ethereum blockchain makes it easy to identify actors with a standardized advantage over others through unregulated insider trading or a better network, more experience, etc.

The Ethereum blockchain provides a wealth of data points that can be found throughout the crypto market. Token contracts and smart contracts are publicly accessible and can be analyzed and compared against each other. For instance, by classifying and structuring newly created token contracts according to the complexity of their code or their solidity functions, you can get insights within seconds after the publication and verification of the token contract.

In addition to on-chain data, there are also dozens of social media data points, such as X, on which ShezheaNET is trained. X accounts that are active in the blockchain sector are ranked in various trustability scores that are then transferred to the account's tweets and posts. This creates a network of data points and opinions from which ShezheaNET can learn and be trained.

The transparency of blockchain provides unparalleled visibility into financial flows and opinions. This feature makes blockchain an ideal training ground for ShezheaNET. By honing her skills in this vibrant ecosystem, ShezheaNET aims to eventually expand her capabilities to broader areas of finance.

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