OCMF - Prediction Models

How SHEZHEA NET uses DeFis inefficient infrastructure

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We are not able to publicly display the research behind On-Chain Capital Flow in order to protect IP rights & guarantee exclusivity.

Using Binary Options

Shezheas development surrounding the Binary Option Market has been heavily supported and backed by "Dynamics of a Binary Option Market with Exogenous Information and Price Sensitivity", Christopher Griffin & Hannah Gampe. Binary Options is currently offline.

Binary Options have increased in popularity, because of the missing risk of liquidation.Futures Future

Futures Future allows ShezheaNET to observe and predict the growth of the crypto market. Futures Future relies heavily on Divergences between Bitcoin and Altcoins and compares these convergences with on-chain money flow, finding out resistance areas before they even manifest in charts.

Futures Future is also a classified part of ShezheaNET and the development is currently halted.

Layerless - A Layer 0 approach to efficiency.

A) Layerless Aggressive Bot

Layerless is not yet in active developments.

Layerless Aggressive is designed as an MEV bot with the intent to front-run mempool transactions in multichain pairs with slower omnichain algorithms.

B) Layerless As A Service Bot

Layerless can act as a zero-arbitrage-opportunity bot for your multichain protocol.

How does Layerless Aggressive Bot hinder multichain non-arbitrage opportunities when exploiting and mitigating arbitrage opportunities for retail / other MEV actors? Layerless Aggressive Depeg Scenario 1) Token Ax deployed on Ethereum trades at $10.000 2) Token Ay deployed on Arbitrum trades at $10.014 3) Omnichain Arbitrage Bot purchases 1,000 Ax Tokens on Ethereum and intends to sell 1,000 Ay Tokens on Arbitrum and sells them for a rate of $10.649. While the mempool transaction is processing, Layerless Aggressive Bot oversells 1500 Ax Tokens on the market, making net-zero profit 4) Omnichain Arbitrage Bot transaction sells 1000 Ay Tokens with a net-loss 5) Layerless Aggressive Bot purchases x amount of Ay Tokens at a discount and sells the initial amount of Ax Tokens, making a net-profit.

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