ShezheaNET: Genesis

ShezheaNET Raise for Epoch 1 is supposed to start in 2024 with a minimum allocated capital of $30,000,000. There will be no public test epochs for retail before. Epoch #1 will be for invite only and will partially include MLT HFT. $MAI Holders are auto-invited. (We can't define the exact chapter and ETAs for Epoch 1 since we haven't started advertising the PoC to LPs yet!*)

The opportunity to enter certain hedge funds has historically always been associated with exclusivity. The better the fund performed, the more exclusively it was held. We want to counter this trend and therefore offer a public fund. Entry into the fund is possible with $100 and the possession of 2000 $MAI tokens (The $MAI Token).

The first ShezheaNET Fund (Shezhea Genesis) starts with an AUM of $10,000,000, is fully AI powered and has a target of 100% ROI. Numbers like these sound impossible, but we can guarantee through our 3-year backtesting period that this result is possible, even in suboptimal market conditions. MicroGenesis is purely influenced by ShezheaNET. The team behind ShezheaNET has no influence on investment decisions. As a result, we are enabling the world's first purely AI-influenced hedge fund. Shezhea Genesis has a 0% deposit and 0% withdrawal tax. The only profit ShezheaNET makes through Shezhea Genesis are profit bonuses. Here a 5% profit tax applies. Example. User XY deposits $1,000 in Shezhea Genesis. ShezheaNET achieves 100% ROI, and thus gets 5% of the $1000 profit, i.e. $50. The user can thus request $1,950 as a withdrawal.

Shezhea Genesis consists of epochs. At the beginning of the epoch, users can fill the maximum cap of $1,000,000. After the limit is filled, deposits are automatically closed and the epoch begins. An epoch ends as soon as 100% ROI has been reached. Until then, any withdrawals are closed, allowing us to reduce the accrual of gas fees by over 500%.

If the end of the epoch is not reached within 180 days, an investor vote within the exclusive epoch group can force a payout to all participants.

If ShezheaNET is unprofitable by more than 50% within one month, a stop is forced. A possible loss within an epoch can be paid in full by the "Insurance Fund". This depends on the liquidity of the insurance fund.

In addition, the end of an epoch can be forced by employing a vote of no confidence against the AI. This also takes place in the exclusive epoch group. Epoch #1 won't overlap with Epoch #2. Epochs after that can overlap.

*: Epoch #1 will start when Shezhea as a company is profitable or breakeven with Epoch 1. Please differentiate with profitability between Shezhea (the company) and LPs (the investors). LPs can be highly profitable while the company isn't, at the same time.

Restricted Countries: United States of America, Afghanistan, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, India, Singapore, Philippines, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Chinese Province of Taiwan, Chinese Province of Hong Kong.

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