IRA - Information Reward Alpha

Rewarding True Alpha

This Feature is Live

IRA is ShezheaNET's way of guaranteeing exclusive information flow. The blockchain market is based on insider information and gate-keeping. Often tokens are artificially undervalued to extend accumulation zones and artificially displace small holders to sell. IRA argues that information has a monetary value. That sharing a ticker, sharing exclusive inside information that later has an impact on market action, has a certain value. ShezheaNET processes this data in connection with the appropriate ticker and can thus obtain exclusive insider information through the IRA system. A user can submit any information into the IRA system. If the information is ultimately profitable for ShezheaNET, the user receives a reward in $MAI and $ETH. The rewards in $ETH get calculated with f(x), x being the amount of ETH Micro AI made with the information.

 ln(exe20)x \ \left| \frac{\ln\left(\frac{e^{xe}}{20}\right)}{x} \right| \, \

Please note that x is limited from 1.1 to +∞

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