The Vision: 2030 & Beyond

AGI & Beyond

Looking at disruptive futuristic concepts like AGI, many recognize their potential. AGI will exist, in whatever form it takes. However, the central question here is how AGI can be financed. Will it be externally financed? By venture capital firms? Will there be a company like OpenAI that profits from AGI and manages AGI like a business? Shezhea_NET is the capital layer for AGI. The vision behind Micro AI is to create a decentralized way for Artificial General Intelligence to profit from financial markets and become self-financing. The self-financing activity using the models developed by Micro AI in the financial sector will generate profits that will be automatically reinvested in the development of the AGI. This method of "self-financing" model could be a viable approach to cover the immense costs associated with AGI development (Tegmark, 2017).

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