ShezheaNET Institutional Token $MAI

All About ShezheaNET Institutional Token $MAI

For information regarding treasury airdrop & redistribution for $MAI holders, visit here.

$MAI is live on Uniswap. We don't encourage retail interest in the token. $MAI is a proof of concept. We don't encurage treating MAI as an investment of speculation. This is not just an empty platitude and a legal disclaimer. For information regarding ETH redistribution to Fjord Foundry investors, visit here.

ShezheaNET Institutional, the native token is called $MAI.

Micro Foundation has repurchased a total of $126958,90 $MAI from the market. Proof.

$MAI has a 0% Buy and 0% Sell Fee

Restricted Countries: United States of America, Afghanistan, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, India, Singapore, Philippines, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Chinese Province of Taiwan, Chinese Province of Hong Kong.

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